IBM Guardium GDPR Accelerator

IBM® Security® Guardium® provides a comprehensive solution that addresses data source security and auditing needs across the enterprise, securing all kinds of GDPR personal data such as name, email, address, sex, demographics, personal preferences, opinion, other personnel records. The GDPR Accelerator is designed to harness the capabilities of the core IBM Security Guardium product to address the specific requirements of GDPR. Built-in reports and policies accelerate your ability to comply with GDPR compliances by providing a base upon which you can build, either by customizing the Accelerator or complementing it with custom reports and policies. The GDPR Accelerator’s capabilities, along with interfaces to a variety of tools in the underlying system, are organized in a tabular fashion by Requirement, making the product fast to implement and easy to use. The GDPR Accelerator provides a wealth of insight into GDPR Personal Data access by both regular and privileged users. This includes specific objects accessed, SQL verbs used, total accesses, date/time of access, user ID, client address, invalid logical access attempts, and more. All this data is stored in a single secure repository. Workflow automation tools are provided to ensure required actions are taken promptly, and a verifiable audit trail is maintained as required by GDPR Articles.

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